Tom Holland cast as the MCU’s Peter Parker; Jon Watts directing upcoming, MCU integrated, Spider-Man film.

Your new Tobey Maguire…erm…Andrew Garfield.

Marvel announced today that both they and Sony Pictures have settled on a casting decision for the next Peter Parker, up and coming actor Tom Holland.

Holland is fairly new to the screen, but may be known for last year’s British indie film How I Live Now. One thing for sure is he is not to be confused with Fright Night writer/director Tom Holland (lol). He will portray Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming film which is the first in a co-production deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. As part of this deal, he will also make appearances in other Marvel Studios films, the first of which is heavily rumored to be 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

Also included in the announcement was the hiring of Jon Watts as director of the upcoming Spider-Man film. Watts has previously directed the upcoming thriller Cop Car, starring Kevin Bacon, and Eli Roth’s Clown.

Holland’s Spider-Man film is set for release on July 28, 2017

Marvel’s Press Release


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