State Of The Blog Address: Dec 2015-Jan 2016

Yes , I know it’s been a while. Five months to be exact, since my last blog post.

I’ve been busy and stuff. I know that’s not really an excuse, and I feel terrible about it. I promise I will do better though.

So, I what do I have in the works? Well…

  • I’m planning two reviews this month that are Christmas related: Brian Posehn’s The Last Christmas and Bill Corbitt’s Super Powered Revenge Christmas.
  • Some more news and opinion posts on the state of the “big two”, their films, and of course indies.
  • Reviews of books new and old
  • Review/retrospectives on Y: The Lasrt Man and Locke & Key, with potential giveaway contest tied to them
  • More! (Wow, that’s awfully vague.)

So stay tuned!


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