E3 2016: The web-slinger swings back into action on PS4

My info drop on the newly announced Spider-Man PS4 game.

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As E3 is underway in LA, many new and exciting video games are getting announced. One of the most surprising, at least to comic fans, came near the end of Sony’s conference.

The video opened with the Insomniac Games logo, and I was already excited. Following it was a tracking shot of a Manhattan street with narration by someone, talking about being a hero who is just “a guy from Queens”. I figured I knew what this was, but then the Marvel logo appeared and confirmed it. For the next minute or so, I…ahem…lost my shit.

Spidey’s back!

Insomniac Games, creators of the Ratchet and Clank franchise and the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, are the developers behind this game which is a new partnership between themselves, Marvel and Sony. This new deal follows Activision losing the Marvel license, which they have held since 1998, in 2014.

While there have…

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They told me I could be anything, so I became Batman. My first impressions of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Check out MRG’s thoughts on Batman: Arkham Knight.
They pretty much mirror mine, except for the Batmobile thing.
Curse that wretched hunk of steel and rubber. = P

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I’m not gonna ramble too much about Arkham Knight just yet because I’m going to save my final thoughts for a review of the game itself. Here are just a few things I took away from Arkham Knight so far.

The Batmobile: At first, the Batmobile rubbed me the wrong way while starting Arkham Knight; it felt sluggish, slow, and not necessary. Over the course of a day or so, I’ve warmed up to it a bit. For one thing, the expanded map in Arkham Knight is huge; it’s like they’re signalling you to use it as much as possible. I wasn’t a fan of it at first but after getting used to it, it’s been a fun change of pace. The best utilized purpose of the Batmobile is when I got to use it for the Riddler challenges; those have been a great feature for the Batmobile.

The Arkham…

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