Marvel Drops Digital copy code initiative, will instead offer digital back issues with new releases.

In a move that is quite head scratching from every perspective but Marvel’s own (Well and all the articles across the net spinning this) Marvel has announced today that they are dropping their “Buy a physical comic, get the digital version of said comic” plan. In it’s place they are offering “2 or more” digital comics with each physical comic. Yay right?
Sorry, they’re random back issues. (wut)

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E3 2016: The web-slinger swings back into action on PS4

My info drop on the newly announced Spider-Man PS4 game.

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As E3 is underway in LA, many new and exciting video games are getting announced. One of the most surprising, at least to comic fans, came near the end of Sony’s conference.

The video opened with the Insomniac Games logo, and I was already excited. Following it was a tracking shot of a Manhattan street with narration by someone, talking about being a hero who is just “a guy from Queens”. I figured I knew what this was, but then the Marvel logo appeared and confirmed it. For the next minute or so, I…ahem…lost my shit.

Spidey’s back!

Insomniac Games, creators of the Ratchet and Clank franchise and the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, are the developers behind this game which is a new partnership between themselves, Marvel and Sony. This new deal follows Activision losing the Marvel license, which they have held since 1998, in 2014.

While there have…

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Still alive

Yeah, I’m still around.

I’ve been lacking in motivation which is bad enough…but even worse for this site, I’ve been lacking in time to read comics.

Starting tonight, I’m going to sit down and force myself to read more. So, there’s going to be more coming.


State Of The Blog Address: Dec 2015-Jan 2016

Yes , I know it’s been a while. Five months to be exact, since my last blog post.

I’ve been busy and stuff. I know that’s not really an excuse, and I feel terrible about it. I promise I will do better though.

So, I what do I have in the works? Well…

  • I’m planning two reviews this month that are Christmas related: Brian Posehn’s The Last Christmas and Bill Corbitt’s Super Powered Revenge Christmas.
  • Some more news and opinion posts on the state of the “big two”, their films, and of course indies.
  • Reviews of books new and old
  • Review/retrospectives on Y: The Lasrt Man and Locke & Key, with potential giveaway contest tied to them
  • More! (Wow, that’s awfully vague.)

So stay tuned!

O Canada! – The Return of Captain Canuck

Happy Canada Day!  In celebration of this occasion, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back (and forward) at Captain Canuck, the “Hero of the True North”

Captain Canuck was created in 1975 by Richard Comely, who set out with a goal to create a hero who was “distinctively Canadian”.  He published Captain Cancuck under the “Comely Comics” banner sporadically from 1975-1981, resulting in 14 issues and a summer special one shot. The book became notable for being a huge success in Canada and being the first successful Canadian-published comic since the country’s comic industry had collapsed in the 1940’s, following World War II. It was also the only independent Canadian comic of its time to cross over and be distributed in the United States, where it went on to gain a cult following.

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They told me I could be anything, so I became Batman. My first impressions of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Check out MRG’s thoughts on Batman: Arkham Knight.
They pretty much mirror mine, except for the Batmobile thing.
Curse that wretched hunk of steel and rubber. = P

Commander Shepard's favorite gaming blog

I’m not gonna ramble too much about Arkham Knight just yet because I’m going to save my final thoughts for a review of the game itself. Here are just a few things I took away from Arkham Knight so far.

The Batmobile: At first, the Batmobile rubbed me the wrong way while starting Arkham Knight; it felt sluggish, slow, and not necessary. Over the course of a day or so, I’ve warmed up to it a bit. For one thing, the expanded map in Arkham Knight is huge; it’s like they’re signalling you to use it as much as possible. I wasn’t a fan of it at first but after getting used to it, it’s been a fun change of pace. The best utilized purpose of the Batmobile is when I got to use it for the Riddler challenges; those have been a great feature for the Batmobile.

The Arkham…

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Tom Holland cast as the MCU’s Peter Parker; Jon Watts directing upcoming, MCU integrated, Spider-Man film.

Your new Tobey Maguire…erm…Andrew Garfield.

Marvel announced today that both they and Sony Pictures have settled on a casting decision for the next Peter Parker, up and coming actor Tom Holland.

Holland is fairly new to the screen, but may be known for last year’s British indie film How I Live Now. One thing for sure is he is not to be confused with Fright Night writer/director Tom Holland (lol). He will portray Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming film which is the first in a co-production deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. As part of this deal, he will also make appearances in other Marvel Studios films, the first of which is heavily rumored to be 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

Also included in the announcement was the hiring of Jon Watts as director of the upcoming Spider-Man film. Watts has previously directed the upcoming thriller Cop Car, starring Kevin Bacon, and Eli Roth’s Clown.

Holland’s Spider-Man film is set for release on July 28, 2017

Marvel’s Press Release